For healthy industrial processes the emission of (fine) dust needs to be minimalized by separating the particles from the gas or air flow through dry filtration.

These installations are for powder, pour, mix and sift processes, for example in the production of plastics, the processing of cement or the preparation of food products where the environment is polluted with dust, which possibly leads to a potential explosion hazard. In all circumstances FW Products offers the solution for dry filtration where polluted air is being discharged or returned to the process filtered clean on behalf of personnel and environment. For all common installations we fabricate the accompanying textile filter media, including filter hoses, filtration sleeves, filter bags, (multiple) filter envelops, venting hats, etc.

The choice for the right filtration product depends on a large amount of variables such as installation space, the medium, particle size, pressure, required filtration and maintenance. FW Products is of service to select, design, replace and/or optimize the filter installation.

Applications: ventilation, AC units, metal and wood working, paint and spray cabins, food, power plants and cleanrooms concerning laboratories, electronics and pharmacy.

For dedusting we offer all filter layers and cartridges, both per piece according to specification as in competitively priced batches, aside from specific measurements in usual sizes like Aerob, AZO, DCE and Micropul. Every execution in needle felt, woven fabric and nonwoven materials is possible, for example a felt edge, snap collar or steel ring.

Additionally we offer all required hardware such as support cages, venture tubes and installation and maintenance accessories. Also see Distribution bellows for more integrated possibilities, like chute sleeves.