Straining cloths

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To separate particles by straining, centrifuging or pressing, FW Products has specialist knowledge to design, produce and implement press filter cloths, filter belts and filtration disc segments at its disposal. Most filtration processes concern liquid filtration, for dry straining fluidisation cloths are commissioned. These products are further introduced below.

In addition we supply centrifuge cloths, sleeves, bags, upholstery for the chemical, pharmaceuticals or food industry, drum filter cloths and all accessories like support baskets. Please contact us for these.

Centrifuge cloths and baskets

For the upholstery of centrifuges a metal basket is lined with a fibre cloth, usually made of (sintered, stronger) metal mesh, PVC, Nylon, Polyester, Polypropylene or the requested plastic with the required (chemical) characteristics. For every application FW Products has an efficient solution.

Filter disc segments

For every type of filter disc segment, according to specifications of in the design phase, FW Products supplies qualitative harnesses for the straining of coals, ores and metals, aluminum, phosphates, food and paper. In addition to advice considering the process and filtration conditions, we install these heat stretched filter disc segments upon request.

These spanned strainers of high quality satisfy the rules & regulations for food-safety and are additionally applied in chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Press filter cloths and Filter belts

Press filter cloths for membrane, room or window filter presses de-water (chemical) sludge like (waste)water, metals, cement, food (a.o. sugar), paint or ceramics. The possible measurements and executions are endless, whereas most press filter cloths are Polyamide, Polyester, Polyethylene or Polypropylene attached with a stab or overhang. Depending on the filtration process including the required particle-adhesion, these materials are treated for optimization.

For more intense de-watering FW Products supplies pleat-free filter belts for rollers and belt filtration installations with a long lifespan and easy installation. In addition to above filtration processes these are applied in a.o. wine, fruits and vegetables processing, starch, leather and hot air de-sulphur installations.

Fluidisation cloths

In addition to various wet straining processes, FW Products offers fluidisation cloths for dry straining, disengaging and unloading powders and fine-grained bulk. For silos, tanks and chutes we have an efficient solution for every transportation process in Polyester or at temperatures up to 220°C (428°F) in Aramid plastic cloths.

FW Products offers an effective solution for straining for control and/or raw material intake, loading bulk, big bags or bags and the industrial production of food, pharmaceutics and chemicals.

In a pneumatic chute process, the air disengages the separated particles through gravity from the fluidisation cloth like a liquid. Air passage, thickness and fabric structure have been attuned to this. For Ex-zones the fluidisation cloths are equipped with conductive fibres for anti-static characteristics.

Applications: a.o. plaster, chalk, phosphors, coals, cement, soap and washing powders, flours and (animal) foods.