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As an alternative to insulation sleeves, FW Products provides a large variety of heat-resistant insulation tape. The advantage of these tapes is that the hoses, cables or tubing which require protection do not need to be disconnected. For the non self-adhesive tapes and high temperatures, on request we supply clip bindings and clamping bands for the installation.


Fiberflect Tape

With aluminum foil on one side, a glass fiber Fiberflect Tape is applicable at continuous temperatures up to 204°C (400°F) and peaks to 538°C (1,000°F). Oil- and water-resistant.


Pyrosil Tape

Pyrosil Tape is a flexible alternative for insulation sleeves. By wrapping hoses, tubes or cable-bundles in this self-adhesive red silicone tape these are protected moist-resistant up to 260°C (500°F). The rolls of 11 meters (36 ft.) have a width of 25mm (1″) or 38mm (1.5″). Other insulation tape and cable protection with lower temperature resistances upon request.



Pyrotape can withstand short peak temperatures up to 1.650°C (3,000°F) and 260°C (500°F) continuously. Contrary to Pyrosil Tape not self-adhesive. Supplied on rolls of 30,5 meter (100 ft.) in width 25-125mm (1″-5″). In addition to water- and oil-resistant, this insulation tape like those below resists welding sparks and heat surges.


EAF Cable Covers

An alternative protection of electric cables is to use EAF Cable Covers which are easier to install over long lengths than Pyrosil Tape, with the same heat-resistance.


Silicaflex Woven Tape & Silicaflex Tape AB

To avoid unraveling at the edges, Silicaflex Woven Tape has woven ends. Non-adhesive this insulation tape is suitable for 982°C (1,800°F) continuously and 1.260°C (2,300°F) peaks. The adhesive Silicaflex Tape AB, with peak temperatures up to 1.650°C (3,000°F) has the highest heat-resistance (982°C or 1,800°F continuous). With minimal shrinkage this insulation tape is resistant against water and oils.

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